Nov.10:Solidarity between the Protest on the Land and Protest in the Sea

(In Front of the Gate) – At 9 am, 70 people conducted sit-in in front of the Gate. A few minutes after 10 am, 100 people walked to the Henoko Beach (1 km away from the Gate) and encouraged the canoe members as they were detained and brought back to the beach by the Japan Coast Guard. The canoe members responded by waving from the boat. After this, the canoe members once again went back to the protest in the sea.

29 lawyers from Tokyo visited the tent around noon. “We will continue studying about Okinawa further and support Okinawa after returning to Tokyo.” The maximum number of sit-in participants of this day was 100.

(Protest in the Sea) – The Float Blockage of Ooura Bay
At 8:30 am, 3 protest boats and 15 canoes, with 25 people on board, conducted the protest. They protested against the installation of floats and oil fences, but the Japan Coast Guard violently detained and eliminated the protest. Ooura Bay is now blocked by floats and oil fences.

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