June 3 (Mon): Red soil was flown into the sea./Okinawa Defense Bureau used also K8 Seawall for landing soil/sand.

(In front of the gate) 30 or more protestors started sit-in in front of the gate at 9:00 am, but removed, by 20 riot police members rushing over there, in tens of minutes. No delivery of stones for K8 wall is recognized recently. Most of the vehicles are those loading crashed stones, assumed to be used for road construction, and concrete mixers. Even though, a total of 227 vehicles delivered the material three separate times.

(On the sea in Oura Bay) Protest movement was cancelled due to the bad weather.

(In front of Ryukyu Cement Awa Pier )It is planned to reduce the number of vehicles delivering soil/sand since this week, by increased protestors, not only on Wednesday but also on other weekdays. However, it was raining hard from the morning, assumed that no delivery work would be done, and therefore, the meeting broke up at 10:00 am. Unfortunately, the rain stopped almost at 11:30, and delivery of soil/sand started. Ten or more citizens continued the protest, but 350 dump trucks delivered soil/sand. It was confirmed that the sea had become muddy with red soil near the pier due to the heavy rain on the previous day. It is suspected that the soil/sand placed temporarily within the pier might have flown into the sea.


(Others)On June 3, the Okinawa Defense Bureau stated for the first time that they would use, as well as K9 wall, K8 Seawall, which is being constructed now, as a pier for landing soil/sand. Responding to this, the Okinawa Prefectural Government indicated that the use of the seawall for landing soil/sand was against the promise made when the land reclamation was permitted (points to consider). The Defense Bureau ignored the instruction of the Prefectural Government when using K9 Seawall for landing, and the same thing will probably be repeated. K8 Seawall has already been extended to 200 m or more, which will assuredly have a bad effect, if being completed (250 m in length), on the small coral colonies located 50 m away from there due to shuttle of soil/sand carriers.

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