Nov.29:The Oil Fences Were Re-Installed for the Length of 400 Meters

(In front of the Gate)
At 8:30am, a little over 60 people resumed the sit-in. By 9:00am, dump trucks and mixer trucks loaded with gravel and rubble arrived at the Gate. The riot policemen removed the protesting citizens to an iron-fenced detention area on the sidewalk where they were detained over one hour. More trucks went through the Gate; at noon and 3:00pm, and a total of 157 truckloads were brought in. Approximately 100 citizens joined the protest today.


(On the Sea)
The Oil-fences that were removed to prepare for a typhoon are now being re-installed.

Akutagwa Prize Awarded Writer In a Court (The Trial for Mr. Medoruma)
On Nov. 29, a trial was held at Naha District Court. Mr. Medoruma Shun, Akutagawa Prize Awarded Writer, sought redress for the detention of a long duration after being arrested during the protest activities on the sea. He vehemently pursued that it was extraterritorial and unreasonable that the US military force held him in the US military base for almost 8 hours without allowing him to call or meet his lawyer or a congressman. A judgement will be delivered on March 19, 2019.

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