Dec 10: Tensions were gradually rising

(in front of the gate)
Tensions were rising. Abe Regime officially announced that dumping of sand would be enforced on Dec 14, which means that preparations must be steadily made. In Oura Bay, five carriers loaded with sand were waiting. In the rain, 90 citizens gathered in front of the gate today. 311 construction vehicles went into the U.S. military base in three times. The loaded material might be used for construction of barracks or roads. In front of the gate, flyers calling for a huge gathering on Dec 14 were handed out. The action is being called on the internet, too.


(Protest in front of the bridge owned by Ryukyu Cement)
No movements were recognized.

(On the sea)
Due to the bad weather, protest activities on the sea were cancelled. The carriers loaded with sand did not work, either. Flyers calling for a huge gathering on Dec 14 were handed out and delivered on the internet at the same time also from the tent at the beach.

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