Jan. 29 (Tue): “No Effect on the Coral.” The Administration Obstinately Insisted and Began Building N4 Seawall

(In front of the Gate)
A group from Korea visited us again; professors and graduate school students, 20 in total. They were eager to learn about the new military base in Henoko. It seems that the focus of the military concern in East Asia is being shifted to Okinawa, due to the peace negotiation in progress between North Korea and USA. Support and a sense of solidarity that Koreans show to the peace movements in Japan are very much appreciated.
Three times a day, the trucks made 306 deliveries in total. Most of the deliveries were crushed stones to be used for laying the foundation for the seawall.


(In front of Ryukyu Cement Pier)
From 7:30am, dump trucks were lined up to go through the Gate. We, the protestors, were only 15, but fearlessly demonstrated in front of the Gate calling out aloud.
“Stop illegal construction!”
“Protect the Ohura Bay!”
A man from Fukushima Prefecture gave a speech.
“Fukushima and Okinawa are deeply bonded. Together, I want to continue my protest against the oppressive actions of the Administration.”
Today, 581 truckloads which was equivalent to the loads of 3 carrier boats were delivered.


(On the sea)
One boat and 8 canoes were on the sea to protest. The works started to build the seawall N4 that is to be used as a pier to unload the landfill soil and sand to accelerate the landfill works. Along the seawall on the seafloor lie a small flocks of corals. The Administration insists “no effect to the corals”. However, the experts point out that “the landfill will create changes in the currents and affect the corals.”

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