Jan. 30 (Wed): Spirits Flew High with “Panseri” and “Quit Abe Ondo”

(In front of the Gate)
Only 15 people left in front of the Gate because many went to the Pier in Awa to join the Wednesday Intensive Action. At the time fixed for making deliveries, the trucks were lined up to go through the Gate. Three times a day, a total of 278 truckloads were delivered. They were crushed stones for building the foundation for N4 seawall. Mr. N who comes every day to protest said, “Watching the trucks coming day after day, my heart is almost broken. But if I give up, it will be the end. Our action in Henoko is reported to the world. Knowing that the world is behind me, and that I am responsible to a large number of worldwide supporters, I must come to Henoko every day.”
Our nonviolent sit-in may be powerless against the authoritarian government, but our resilient protest action has touched the heart of many people. Today is the 1669th day since the start of our sit-in.


(In front of Ryukyu Cement Pier)
Approximately 100 people demonstrated in front of the Pier. Slow driving cars and protest demonstration by the Pier exit were effective. Our boats and canoes on the sea surrounding the carrier boats added power to the protest. All together made it possible to successfully delay the Defense Bureau’s work.
Four members of a teachers’ union in Korea joined our demonstration. One of them sang Panseri (a Korean folk entertainment), and we sang in chorus.
“USA, Go home!”
Mr. Uda dressed in hakama (a pleated trousers for formal kimono) sang “Quit Abe Ondo (Japanese folk music for dance and song)” that he sings every day in front of the Prime Minister’s official residence. Some in the audience started dancing along his music, which brought quite a different atmosphere from ordinary protest scene.
The number of deliveries was 435 truckloads, 200 less than the usual number of deliveries. It means that we stopped one load of a carrier boat.


(On the sea)
From 9:00am, 1 boat and 15 canoes were out on the sea to protest near the Pier in Awa. Because of the floats placed to prevent our entry, it is difficult for us to approach the carrier boats in Ohura Bay. But such restriction is not yet placed here in Awa. Staying fearlessly close to the carrier boats, our protestors substantially delayed the boats’ departure from the Pier.

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