Mar. 11 (Mon): On Memorial Day for the East Japan Earthquake, a Man Exasperated, “Construction! On the Memorial Day?!”

(In front of the Gate)
It is the day when the East Japan Earthquake and the subsequent accident in a Nuclear Power Plant happened 8 years ago. Memorial services were held in many parts of Japan. Here, in front of the Gate, we prayed in silence for the victims at the same time as the earthquake occurred, 12:46pm. Over 22 thousand victims includes those who died and 2533 who are still reported missing. Over 50 thousand people still live in shelter. A US military base for which Japanese government spends trillions of yens, while leaving 50 thousand Japanese still in shelter now after 8 years. The administration has lost its balance in deciding what is important. A man spoke angrily to a microphone.
“This is the day when all citizen in Japan remembers and pray for the victims of the earthquake. Construction should be stopped on such day. I cannot understand this.”
About an hour later, the trucks loaded with construction material lined up the national highway. The riot police started removing the protestors. Three times a day, 229 truckloads in total for the day were delivered.


(On the sea in Oura Bay)
Two boats and 7 canoes were out on the sea. The canoe team courageously went over the oil fences to stop the construction of K8 seawall, but was detained by the Coast Guard and taken to Matsuda Beach which is very far away. Since K8 seawall construction takes place in a shallow water, the seawall has been already extended 30 meters long.


(In front of Ryukyu Cement Pier in Awa)
Truck delivery started from 7:30 am, but suddenly stopped a little before 10:00am. It seems that unloading in Oura Bay requires too much time to free up a carrier boat to be loaded at the Pier in Awa. Within a little over 2 hours, 179 truckloads were delivered for the day.

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