Mar. 20 (Wed): Wednesday Intensive Action, Delivery of Earth and Sand was Reduced by A Half, 6.5 Million M3 of Sand Required to Reinforce the Soft Seafloor

(In front of the Gate)
A police patrol car leads a line of large trucks at the designated times a day toward the Gate. Fifty to sometimes 200 trucks constitute a line that covers the national highway. It happens 3 times a day. It appears to show the power of the government. So does removing citizens from the protest rally to a detention area.
The riot police men remove the citizens impassively as orders are followed by the subordinate as commanded. They wear expressionless wooden face, which is in marked contrast to the citizens who hold placards and shout slogans. In Henoko, here is a case that a police force under the control of a corrupt administration turns into a mere oppressive machine.
Dump trucks and mixer trucks made 203 deliveries today.


(In front of Ryukyu Cement Pier in Awa)
Wednesday Intensive Action, the day to protest from the land and the sea at the same time. On the land 110 people and on the sea 20 people gathered and rallied. Together with a week long campaign of GOGO Drive (a parade of cars driving safely), the protest rally at the entrance to the Pier worked effectively and reduced the delivery volume to less than a half, 223 truckloads.
A team of 12 canoes stayed close to the carrier ships and successfully delayed their departure by 1.5 hours. Only one loaded carrier ship left the Pier today.


Okinawa Defense Bureau publicly noted that at least 77 thousand sand pillars are required for reinforcement of the soft seafloor. The required volume of sand is 6.5 million cubic meters (equivalent to 5.2 Tokyo Domes) and equals to 3-5 times more sand than that gathered in Okinawa per year. Although the Defense Bureau has not yet clarified from where to procure, it is expected that a greater amount will be supplied from within the prefecture.
The experts are concerned “what if the sand from beautiful Okinawa beaches is used? Wouldn’t it destroy the beauty of Okinawa?”

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