Apr. 10 (Wed): Safe Driving Parade Reduced the Number of Truck Deliveries by a Half / A Trace of an Active Fault Found in Henoko by the Experts

(In Front of the Gate)
This is the day of Wednesday Intensive Action in Awa, but we learned that there would be no delivery in Awa due to a bad weather. Therefore, we moved to “in front of the Gate” to rally. Ninety of us plus the members of Safe Driving Parade did successfully reduced the number of deliveries. The number of truck deliveries was 207 which was about a half of the usual number of deliveries.


(On the Sea in Oura Bay)
Due to a bad weather, no protest rally on the sea. I heard that no construction work on the seawall nor dumping earth and sand were carried out today.

(In Front of Ryukyu Cement Pier in Awa)
Due to high waves, carrier ships cannot get to the pier; thereby, no delivery of earth and sand. Such weather happens several times a year. Heaven helps us sometimes. We danced in a line to share good luck of no construction work, and moved to the Gate of Camp Schwab at a little after 10:00 a.m.
A woman of a family of three, their 1st visit to Okinawa from Hyogo Prefecture, told us.
“I heard about the situation in Okinawa from my neighbor, and I like to do something that I can do for Okinawa.”
Dump truck deliveries resumed in the afternoon, and several hundreds of truckloads were delivered, I understand.


A recent survey conducted by a group of geology experts found a trace of an active fault near the monitoring tent on Henoko Beach. The group confirmed that there is a notch created by wave erosion on a side of a terrace protruded into the sea. They pointed out that the terrace was created by earthquakes caused by the Henoko fault, and that the notch is a proof of the fact that the northern side of the fault had sunk and the southern side had been elevated.
Mr. Tateishi Masaaki, a professor emeritus of Niigata University, stated that “the elevation was more than 1 meter and caused by several earthquakes, which indicates a stronger probability of the Henoko fault being active”.
They will conduct another survey soon.

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