May 7 (Tue): Resumed Depositing Earth and Sand / 7 Canoes Restrained

(In Front of the Gate)
Tuesday, after the long national holidays, construction of the new base was resumed. From 8:30 a.m. approximately 50 people resumed the sit-in protest. Three times a day, from the morning through the afternoon, 238 large truckloads were delivered to the base. Mr. Yamashiro Hiroji who got impatient with the traffic congestion that continues for several kilometers spoke aloud in anger.
“The Prefectural Police Force does understand what happens when 100 or 200 large dump trucks line up towards the Gate. What they need to control is not the protesting citizens, but the dump trucks.”
Mrs. Higa Yoshiko (74 years old) is led by her husband to come to the Gate every day. She lost her eye sight at 2 years old when she got measles and high fever. She calls protest slogans aloud towards the sounds and the voices that she catches.
“I can tell what goes around me.” She shouts aloud immediately after she catches the sound of a mixer truck going by.
“Do not kill creatures in the sea! The God of the sea is angry. He will punish you!”


(On the sea in Oura Bay)
Two boats and 9 canoes went out on the sea to protest and confirmed that bulldozers were pushing the earth and sand piled by the sea into the water. The canoe members tried to go over the fences but were restrained by the Coast Guard and detained for over 1 hour.

(In Front of Ryukyu Cement Pier in Awa)
About 10 people rallied in front of the Pier entrance gate and shouted to the dump truck drivers.
“Do not destroy the sea!”
“Do not crash the coral!”
And waved hands to the ordinary passing cars for appeal.
Depositing earth and sand continued all day long, and 623 truckloads were delivered to the Pier. Three cargo ships left for Oura Bay.

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