May 7 (Fri): “Illegal to Use the Seawall for the Purpose Other Than Originally Planned” per Okinawa Prefecture / Large Number of Sea Turtles Seeking for Beach to Lay Eggs

(In Front of the Gate)
Pending completion of K8 seawall that is to be used as the new pier to unload earth and sand in Oura Bay, opposing voice is getting louder. The seawall has been already prepared for ships to anchor, which was not an original plan. To change the original plan and use for other purpose requires approval by the
Government of Okinawa Prefecture. Without the approval by Okinawa Prefectural Government, it is illegal to use the seawall as a pier for unloading. When it was pointed out, Iwaya Defense Minister said on 6th, “No problem”.
Eighteen students from Singapore University and 10 members of Tokyo and Saitama “The Article 9 Forum” joined the sit-in and listened intently a report on the current status of the construction.
Mr. Tsukayama Masatane (75 yrs. Old), an actor originally from Naha City sat with us in the sit-in rally as parts of his appearance in a special Okinawa TV program. Witnessing the citizens being removed from the sit-in rally by the riot police force, Mr. Tsukayama spoke in anger.
“Words are not enough to express what I felt, but I definitely felt angry with the government of Japan that ignores human rights and constitution. I do oppose the base construction for my children and grand-children.”
Three times a day, 269 truckloads deliveries were made today.


(On the Sea in Oura Bay)
For construction of K8 seawall, a new barge equipped with a ramp way was introduced. K8 seawall will be used to unload earth and sand from the next week?
Two boats and 7 canoes went out to protest, but the barges will be anchored on the north side of K8 seawall, and we cannot see the construction site from this side.
Yesterday, many sea turtles were sighted. They were swimming around the seawall as if they were looking for a suitable place to lay eggs. However, the seawall blocks them, and they cannot reach the beach they used to lay eggs.


(In Front of Ryukyu Cement Pier in Awa)
The earth and sand that had been stored in the ground of the cement company and those newly delivered by dump trucks accelerated loading to cargo ships. A group 30 members of Peace Okinawa Center on duty for the day rallied all day long, but earth and sand equivalent to 659 truckloads were loaded to cargo ships. Four ships left for Oura Bay.


On 5th, the US Marines stationed in Okinawa insisted defiantly that “no threat to people and buildings” in regards to the incidence of CH53E helicopter dropping a rubber parts and ignored a summons issued by the Government of Okinawa. The statement further alienated the Prefectural Government and municipal councils including that of Urazoe City. One of the high ranking members of the Prefectural Government stated firmly.
“The wrongdoer should not issues such statement. Their attitude and low level of understanding of the matter will lead to cause another incidence.”
The US Marines have ignored the previous summons issued by the Government of Okinawa in the incidences of a helicopter fire in the ground of a private property at Takae in Agarison and an Osprey dropping a parts.

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