June 6 (Thu): Hari (dragon boat) Race Halted Construction

(In Front of the Gate)
A hot day like a mid-summer day. It was extremely hot due to direct sunlight and the heat reflected from the pavement. Sunshade parasols were set up for the first time in the season. When the protestors are removed from the sit-in rally, the parasols will also be removed, but taking protective measures against the heat is imperative for the elderly.
It was the day of Hari in Okinawa to pray to the sea god for safe traveling on the sea and abundant catch. Traditional fishing boats called “Sabani” are used for Hari race. Therefore, no depositing work nor delivery of earth and sands by cargo ships today.
A day for Uminchu (fishermen) who ordinarily get paid for watching our protest activities to participate the Hari race in their community and to pay respect and show gratitude to the sea god?
If so, they should stop lending their hands to the construction that causes grief to the sea god.
Deliveries of 276 truckloads were made through the Gate today.

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