July 26 (Fri): Seven Sea Turtles Showed Up / Truckloads of 845 Were Delivered to the Pier in Awa and in Shiokawa

(In Front of the Gate)
Several tens of protestors resumed the sit-in from 9:00 a.m. Mr. Migita who sings his protest song of “Quit Abe” in front of the official residence of the Prime Minister and a dancer, Akane, gave their performance. It was a brief time of relaxation with a bit of artistic and cultural flavor. The completion of the seawall seems to have reduced the number of truck deliveries on the land. It once went up to 500 trucks, but now it is about 100 trucks. It was only 76 today including mixer trucks.


(On the Sea in Oura Bay)
In a fine weather, one boat and 4 canoes went out on the sea to protest. On a fine day, you can see through to the sea floor.
No word can express how unbelievably soothing it is to canoe as if to skate on the water. We confirmed that 7 sea turtles were enjoying their swim near K8 seawall. This is the best sea if no construction takes place.
Earth and sand were unloaded at K8 and K9 seawalls and dumped into the planned landfill area.

(In Front of Ryukyu Cement Pier in Awa)
Approximately 30 people rallied on all day long. In a boiling hot weather, we made sure to drink sufficient water and took turned to rally.
When we shouted to one dump truck driver.
“Your work destroys the sea. Can you explain to your children what you do for your work?”
He replied, “Keep it up!”
Was he serious or just ridiculing us?
Deliveries of earth and sand continued excepting the lunch break of 1 hour, and 663 truckload deliveries were made. Three cargo ships left for Henoko.
At Shiokawa Pier, the work lasted only for 3 hours, and 182 truckloads of earth and sand were loaded to the cargo ships.


It was found that the Defense Bureau retirees now work for the consulting companies contracted to construct the new base. The said consulting companies are 3 that are contracted to improve the soft sea floor and have employed 7 retirees of the Defense Bureau for the past 10 years by 2018. The contracted amount for 3 companies totaled to JPY11.2 billion for 34 orders.
The rules for the Self-Defense Forces retiree are not strict. When a retiree gets employed by a civilian company within 2 years after the retirement, the rules require to report the fact of new employment to the Bureau.
Hoping to proceed on the construction without a hitch, the Defense Bureau let the civilian consulting companies under the Bureau’s contract employ the Bureau’s retirees and give more work orders. The companies in return make the survey reports and the recommendations that support the Bureau’s view and position. It is a disgusting scheme.

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