Aug. 5 (Mon): Reclamation Work Halted for 10 Days due to Typhoon and Summer Vacation / Shoved by the Riot Police Men, a Man Fell and Got Bruised in Awa

(In Front of the Gate)
The typhoon No.9 is coming closer to Okinawa, and the wind is expected to get stronger from the 8th. Pending the storm, reclamation work is stopped from today, but the deliveries on the land are still in progress.
The work is off for an unusually long period of 10 days this year due to the Bon-Vacation (national summer holidays) for the period of 10-18th and additional 2 days for the typhoon.
Approximately 80 people gathered at the peak time in front of the Gate and rallied.
“Stop the illegal work!”
“The election has shown the will of the people!”
Ms. Shimabukuro Ayako, 86 years old, joined the rally, but was removed 3 times by the riot police force, and 116 truckloads were delivered for the day.
On the last Saturday, a beautiful rainbow bridged over Henoko area, almost covered the whole Camp Schwab. I wish it be a good omen.


(On the Sea in Oura Bay)
Due to high waves, only 2 boats were out to the sea for monitoring and confirmed that the oil fences for preventing pollution were pulled out of the sea, but that no construction work was going on.

(Rallies in Front of the Piers)
Several tens of protestors each rallied at Awa and at Shiokawa. A man who was rallying at the exit of Awa Pier was shoved by the riot police men and fell, and an ambulance was called. He was bruised on his face and shoulder. The Prefectural police commented that “No evidence of the riot police shoving him. We were only trying to safely move the protestors to the side walk”. They meant that the man fell by himself?
At Shiokawa Pier, loading earth and sand to cargo ships went on till noon, but the citizens stood in front of the dump trucks to have successfully reduced the number of deliveries.
At Awa 741 truckloads and at Shiokawa 177 truckloads were loaded to cargo ships, and 4 cargo ships left for Oura Bay.

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