August 2 (Fri): In Rain and Thunder, 87 Truckloads were Delivered / The Ministry of Environment Reported that a Ray’s Splinter Killed the Dugong?

(In Front of the Gate)
This is the day when the national road #58 is closed in the morning for high school students’ bicycle race. In addition, the weather being bad, we expected no delivery to be made today. But several tens of dump trucks showed up to make deliveries during a short-time open in the road closure. In rain and thunder, several tens of us sat in and rallied. The members of the riot police force and the Defense Bureau attended to their work in rain. They looked as if they were wishing that no delivery made in such a day. Or did I get a wrong impression?
Eighty-seven Truckloads, a little less than the usual, were delivered.
By the way, almost 3/4 of the total 144 students could not finish the bicycle race due to the bad weather.

(On the Sea in Oura Bay)
Due to a bad weather, no rally on the sea. We confirmed that no work was in progress.

(In Front of Ryukyu Cement Pier in Awa)
In rain and thunder, the construction work was carried on. Three hundred ninety truckloads of earth and sand which is equivalent to 2 cargo ship loads, were delivered.
At Shiokawa Pier, 34 truckload deliveries were made, and the work was finished by noon.

The Ministry of Environment and Nakijin Village office reported that the cause of the death of a dugong found in the west beach of Unten Fishing Port was caused by a “ray’s splinter” that stuck into the dugong’s belly based on a postmortem examination. A veterinarian who performed the autopsy stated that the splinter was 23cm long and poisonous and damaged the dugong’s internal organs and caused the death.
The dead dugong was one of 3 dugongs that had been confirmed to be living in Oura Bay. The said dugong was 283cm long and weighed 483kg.
The Defense Bureau, in June, reported at the “Environmental Assessment Meeting” that the death of the dugong was not caused by the new base construction in Henoko. The Ministry of Environment, on the other hand, stated that “the most likely cause of death is a splinter of a ray, but its possibility is low”.

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