Aug 28 (Wed): 100 or more Christianity-related people participated in the rally in front of the gate./A canoe team fought very well at the pier.

(In front of the Gate)
About 100 Christianity-related youths who came from Philippines, Indonesia, Taiwan etc. , participated in the rally in front of the gate. They are the members of the Civil Society Education Network (CENA) who wish for peaceful society. In addition, 12 women appealing for elimination of sexual violence, led by a journalist, went on a sit-in. Overwhelmed by the crowd, the riot police observed the course from the base for a while, not showing up. Some time behind schedule, the riot police started removal of the citizens. The protest rally naturally got active with many young people. Even though being removed, the citizens continued to appeal against injustice of the construction of a military base, singing and chanting slogans. 157 vehicles delivered the material in three parts in the morning and afternoon.


(On the Sea by the Pier in Awa)
A raft and 12 canoes tunneled under the pier to block the sailing of the carrier loaded with soil/sand, and continued the protest with a rope tied to a net set in a place (If the carrier started its engine, the canoes would be sucked, and therefore, it could not sail). Since the Japan Coast Guard’s boat could not go under the pier, the Coast Guard officers had to swim under the pier for capturing the canoes one by one. As a result, the canoes delayed the sailing of the carrier for several hours. A great success today, too!


(In front of Awa Pier)
Shimagurumi Kaigi in the south of Okinawa (one of the groups for island-wide struggle) was in charge that day. About 30 protestors came by a chartered bus. They marched in protest at the entrance and exist of the pier. This delayed the circulation of the dump tracks, resulting in uneven deliveries. A protest by many people is very effective. Even though, the material for 562 dump trucks and three carriers were delivered up to 17:30 pm. In Shiokawa, 169 vehicles delivered the soil/sand and the work finished at 9:30 am.

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