Oct. 16: The second trial held at the Naha High Court

(In front of the Gate)
Approximately 30 people resumed sit-in in front of the Gate at 9:00am in hot summery weather. Everyone looked cheerful knowing the winning results of the Okinawa gubernatorial and Tomigusuku mayoral elections. We hope that we will win the upcoming Naha mayoral election and impress the mainland (Japan) how strongly Okinawa people opposes against the new base. The gathering was adjourned at noon.
Two persons (Messrs. Yamashiro Hiroji and Inaba Hiroshi) unjustly arrested two years ago during their participation in the protest movement against the new base attended the second trial of the Naha High Court. They plead that a minor violation that they are accused of is nothing in comparison to anti-democratic attitude of Japanese government that takes illegal actions repeatedly should be put on trial, and that the defendant of the trial is Japanese government.
The next trial date is November 13th for the second public trial hearing.

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