Oct. 24: All those Actively Involved in Protest Shall Support the New Governor

(In front of the Gate)
The Administration abused the system to protect a citizen’s right and assumed the position of an individual to petition the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure and Transport that is a part of the same government. It was a farce that triggered anger among the citizens and increased daily the number of people who gather to protest in front of the Gate.
At 9:00am, 30 people resumed sit-in. Mr. Yamashiro Hiroji prompted that we must fight against Abe Administration that destroys the local autonomy and democracy, and that we shall unite our protest involvement to support Governor Tamaki Denny.
By 10:00am, the number of participants increased to 80 including 14 members of a choir from Saitama Prefecture who sang songs.
Since the landfill soil is shipped from Shiokawa Port in Motobu Town, the protest activities in Shiokawa Port will be vitally important in the future. It is confirmed that a request is to be made “not to permit the use of the Port” to Motobu Town, the manager of the Port, and the Prefectural government that holds the power to give a permit to use the Port.
On 26th, we will hold a prompt study session for the citizens of Motobu Town to appeal, “Use my hometown soil for peace!”.

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