Oct. 27: Every Night to Learn the Wisdom of Fighting Strategy

(In front of the Gate)
At 9:00am, 20 people resumed the sit-in. A green net that had covered the Gate was removed yesterday by Okinawa Defense Bureau, probably as a protective measure against typhoon. It now gives us a good view of the inside of the Gate, just like 3 years ago when the security was less severe.
At 10:00am, approximately 70 people gathered about the Tent. Mr. Ohshiro Yoshitami, a member of Nago City Council, made a report on the City Council. It was interesting to learn how the newly elected Mayor Toguchi who was supported by Abe Administration was cornered in the City Council meetings. Since his election in February, he has not made his position clear regarding the new base in Henoko, and I can almost envision how much at a loss he is.
From 2:00pm, a lecture meeting on environmental problems was held at Okinawa International University. A report on how the construction of the new base has damaged Ohura Bay was informative. It was interesting to learn that an environmental protection group filed a suit to protect dugong under the laws of USA. Many strategic recommendations were made on how to fight to stop the construction of the new base under administrative law last night, and in relation to environmental issues today. Now is the time to collect and store the wisdom, while the construction is not in progress.

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