July 3 (Wed): Rallied in a Hot Weather at 3 locations / The 60th Memorial Day for the Victims of a US Military Aircraft Crash onto Miyamori Elementary School

(In Front of the Gate)
In the heat of summer, approximately 30 people resumed the sit-in and repeatedly called out aloud.
“Do not destroy the Oura Bay!”
“No new base is our will!”
Across from the road, several nurses from Medical Services Union are watching over us. Every year, several tens of protestors suffer from heat stroke and receive their medical care. But the protestors always come back to rally again.
A strong believe that “for our children and their children, no base is allowed” drives the protestors to rally in front of the Gate. Mixer cars and dump trucks totaling 157 went inside the base.


(In Front of Ryukyu Cement Pier in Awa)
Protestors on land together with the canoe teams in Oura Bay rallied. In the heat, approximately 30 people rallied in order to reduce the number of truckload deliveries of earth and sand. In the midst of it, one man got sick from heat stroke and received medical care. A team of 13 canoes attached themselves to cargo ships that come to and go from the Pier and successfully slowed down loading process.
From 7:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. loading work was continued, and the volume equivalent to 628 truckloads was loaded to 3 cargo ships which left for the Oura Bay.


(In Front of Shiokawa Pier in Motobu Port)
Over 10 residents of Motobu Town protested against the dump trucks delivering earth and sand. Two persons who looked like members of an internet right-wing party were taking pictures of us. When we asked who they were, they did not give us a straight answer. We told them that we would take legal actions against them if they release our pictures in the net. Their identity was unknown.
Loading work was finished by noon, and 173 trucks made deliveries to cargo ships.


On June 30, 60 years ago, a US military jet crashed onto the ground of Miyamori Elementary School in Ishikawa City (current Uruma City) and killed 12 children and 6 residents, and severely injured over 200 people. It was the worst aircraft crash since the end of WWII, and the memorial service was held at the school on 30th, and attended by several hundreds of people including those who were school children then and got injured as well as the survived family members. The pilot of the crashed jet parachuted out safely with no injury. The accident that happened under the US reigns required a long time to clarify the cause of the accident, and compensation for the victims were minimum. Those who attended the memorial service offered a silent prayer and pledged to remember the incidence and not to repeat it. However, the accidents by US aircrafts are still happening.
In December 2 years ago, the US military helicopter that dropped a 7kg window frame onto the ground of the Second Futenma Elementary School is still flying over the said school. The incidence similar to the crash onto Miyamori Elementary School happened just 2 years ago: it was not a long ago.

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