Sep 20 (Fri) Work stopped for taking measures against the typhoon / A landslide occurring near the Ammunition Depot

(In Front of the Gate)
With a major heavy typhoon approaching, the work was stopped with the only one-time material delivery in the morning at Camp Schwab. There were no work at Awa or Shiokawa Pier where soil/sand are shipped outdelivered.
In front of the gate to bring infor construction materials toat Camp Schwab, 10 youths who had come in a hurry from Osaka participated in the protest movement. They said in a loud voice, holding a plaster, to the dump truck drivers delivering material, “Don’t destroy the sea with red soil!” or “Stop immediately this illegal construction!” 33 dump trucks delivered the material.

Investigation by the Okinawa Drone Project showed that a landslide had occurred near the Henoko Ammunition Depot in Camp Schwab. The size of the landslide was 30 meters in height
and 15 meters in width, with red soil flowing into the sea.

A large-scale reconstruction is being done for the Ammunition Depot along with the construction of a new base, and as well as now, missiles, artillery, powder, CS gas etc., as they are now,. will be stored after completion of the reconstruction.
The nearby residents hadare not been informed of anything about the landslide. After learning , after recognition of its occurrence, “No information provided from the Okinawa Defense Bureau or the U.S. marines. The Depot storing the dangerous ammunition has become more dangerous. The Also the residents cannot hold back fear, saying that presence of an active fault near the Ammunition Depot is indicated.” The residents cannot hold back fear.

Prior to the reversion of Okinawa to Japan, more than 1,200 nuclear weapons were deployed at a peak in the whole land of Okinawa, and a substantial number of nuclear weapons were stored also in the Henoko Ammunition Depot. The nuclear weapons were removed after Okinawa’s reversion, but the U.S. marines adopt the stance that they can bring nuclear weapons into Okinawa evenstill now due to the “Secret deals” made at that time. Everyone in Okinawa is afraid if nuclear weapons may be brought into the Henoko Ammunition Depot again at any time.

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