Dec. 6 (Thu): Delivery by Truck Continued for 2 Days

(In front of the Gate)
No delivery by trucks was made because the riot police was sent to Ryukyu Cement Pier.

(At Ryukyu Cement Pier)
At 6:00am, 20 staff members of the Defense Bureau shoved through the protesters to go inside the company’s ground. At 8:00am, approximately 100 riot policemen came and started removing the protesters to a temporary detention area on the sidewalk. After that, the landfill soil was delivered by trucks, a total of 280 truckloads.
In spite of an administrative guidance issued by Okinawa Governor Tamaki to stop the use of Ryukyu Cement Pier, the Defense Bureau misconstrued the ordinance and continued the delivery of the landfill soil by force as they did yesterday.


(On the sea)
The team of 10 canoes approached a barge loaded with the landfill soil to prevent it to leave the Pier for 2 hours.


(A Crash of US Military Planes)
In the morning of the 6th, at about 1:40am, a FA18 fighter of the US Marine and a tanker plane contacted and crashed into the sea off the coast of Kouchi Prefecture. Of seven cue members on board, 2 were rescued by a helicopter of the Self-Defense Forces, but their current status is not known. The remaining 5 are still missing.

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