June 11 (Tue): Eight Students from England and France Joined the Sit-In Rally / Earth and Sand Are Now Unloaded at K8 Seawall

(In Front of the Gate)
Upon receiving the news that earth and sand are going to be unloaded at K8 seawall, many people gathered in front of the Gate in a drizzle. Eight Kyoto University students from England and France joined us early in the morning. They were removed twice by the riot police force as we did. Mr. Oshiro Satoru, the day’s leader expressed his anger.
“Using the seawall as a pier for unloading was not in the original construction plan. They are ignoring the Prefectural instruction. It is an unforgivable and uncivilized practice.”
Three times a day, 151 truckloads in total were delivered.


(On the Sea in Oura Bay)
Due to the bad weather continued from yesterday, we did not expect unloading at K8 seawall, but it started from 12:40 p.m. when the weather got slightly better. Learning that, 15 members of the protesting boats and canoes immediately went out on the sea to rally from outside the floats. Two members dove into the sea and swam over the floats to protest. Approximately 20 dump trucks were going back and forth many times between the barge and the landfill zone. Mr. Nakamoto Kousin captain of the protest boat was aggravated.
“This is a country where the rule of laws prevails, but Abe Administration ignores laws and forces a military base on us. It should not be permitted.”


(In Front of Ryukyu Cement Pier in Awa)
The earth and sand delivered from a quarry in addition to those already stored in the ground of the cement company, made the supply enough to load the volume equivalent to 619 truckloads to cargo ships. Three ships left to Oura Bay today.

Tamaki Denny Governor of Okinawa Prefecture launched on a caravan to make a nationwide appeal for the issue of the new base in Henoko. The Governor of Okinawa is going to visit all over the country to inform of the fact that the prefectural referendum and the House election made the will of the Okinawan clear, but that the construction of the new base is still going on and ask the citizens of Japan to review the situation. The first meeting was held at Koujimachi in Tokyo and attended by approximately 200 people.

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