Nov 13 (Mon): The Abe administration is cornered facing a storm of criticism against the cherry blossom-viewing events./ Using the Ryukyu Cement pier at Awa for transportation of earth and sand revealed as “use for purposes other than allowed purposes.”

Prime Miniter Abe is under fire. At the Diet he faced the allegation of inviting more than 800 members of the supporters’ association in Yamaguchi Prefecture, Abe’s constituency, to the annual cherry blossom-viewing events, which the Japanese government hosts in every April and entertaining them with public money. Just reviewing the records since 2014, which have been kept, reveals that the gathering has become the annual event for Shinzo Abe’s supporters. Due to increased participation, the budget the government requested for the next year tripled over the last year. The practice could be in violation of the Public Offices Election Law. There is no end to the corruption scandals of the Abe administration.
In order to accelerate ”the beginning of the end of the Abe administration,” it is important for anyone to step up your criticism on your own ground against the Abe administration, which ignores the will and interests of the people.

(In front of the gate)
It was 80.6 degrees Fahrenheit. Nearly 30 people participated in sit-ins under the sun which made us a bit sweaty again. It has become a recent routine that dozens of concrete mixer trucks arrive at 9am, while of concrete mixer trucks and heavy-duty vehicles loaded with construction materials show up at noon and 3pm. After the riot police removed the protesters one after another and the convoy entered into the gate, the people kept chanting. The total 215 trucks transported the construction matterials today.

(At the Ryukyu Cement Pier in Awa)
Delivery of earth and sand from the quary and loading of earth and sand already piled up inside of the pier on cargo ships simultaneously continued. Nearly 30 protesters were divided into the two groups for protesting against the dump trucks at both the entrance and exit of the pier. As the Go Go Drive team joined, the circulation of dump trucks commuting from the quary to the pier was successfully delayed. On the sea, 10 canoes clung to a cargo ship to its departure for almost one hour. All together 3 ships departed for the Oura Bay on Monday.

(At the Shiokawa Pier in Motobu)
Since around 7:30 am, a dozen of protesters started the action to stop the dump trucks delivering earth and sand. Only 2 police officers from the Motobu station were dispatched there at this time slot. It takes almost 1 hour for the riot police to come from Awa to Shiokawa to support the local police. During the time, we can stop the convoy. If there are 30 protesters, the riot police has to come in large numbers. If that happens, the police presence in Awa would be reduced. A brain game between the riot police and the people keeps going. 408 trucks delivered earth and sand on Monday.

On Nov 13, it was revealed that the transportation of earth and sand at the Ryukyu Cement pier in Awa is the use of the pier for purposes other than purposes allowed by the Prefecture of Okinawa through the public document acquired by Tsuyoshi Kitaueda, an expertized civil engineering technician. The description of the purposes of using the facility on the written permission says “for shipment and landing of cement and coal. There is no mention on earth and sand. The prefectural assembly is likely to start the challenge against the Okinawa Defense Bureau on this matter.


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