Aug 28 (Fri): Abe, “the most unsympathetic Prime Minister toward Okinawa,” resigned. “; A typhoon interrupted the earth and sand deliveries

Prime Minister Abe resigned due to his health condition after serving for 7 years and 8 months. The comments from Okinawans were not kind to him, “among the Prime Ministers of the past, he was the most unsympathetic toward Okinawa” (by Susumu Inamine, the former Nago-City Mayor).

Abe administration started a boring survey for the new base in Henoko in July 2014. The subsequent national elections proved that Okinawans oppose the new base construction. However, the administration began landfill work in December 2018 and has continued despite strong opposing movements. Okinawa Prefectural Government and the central government have disputed in the court 9 times over the construction’s legality. Abe administration has held a slogan to “stand with Okinawa” but never put it into practice and proceeded on the landfill work. Some criticized him as “the worst prime minister after the War II” who allowed privileged treatments for his supporters by hiding and falsifying the official documents. He has committed acts to destroy the foundation of democracy.

Abe’s resignation is a big step forward for the All Okinawa Coalition to stop the new base construction. However, the next prime minister also comes from the Liberal Democratic Party (LDP) that holds onto the same old policy to build a new base. Now is the time for the opposing parties to solidify against the LDP administration to open a way to stop the new base construction. There is no doubt that we are facing an epic moment in the anti-base-movement.


(In front of the Camp Schwab Gate)

The Okinawa Defense Bureau ordered a temporary stop of the construction work for 2 days due to the typhoon No.8 but resumed delivering several dozens of truckloads of materials after Aug 26. The news said on Aug 25 that two covid-19 cases were found in the Camp Schwab.

However, the Defense Bureau made it clear that they would continue the construction work. Mr. Hiroji Yamashiro of the Okinawa Peace Movement Center prclaimed that “the U.S. bases are epicenters of coronavirus contagion in Okinawa”; therefore, no way to continue the construction work! All bases should be locked down until the contagion slows down.”


(Ryukyu Cement Awa Pier)

The earth and sand stored in the pier’s grounds were returned to the quarry on 27 and 28. We witnessed a strange sight of several dozens of dump trucks lining up to transport back the earth and sand, 1300 trucks in all. We heard that someone complained to the Bureau that red soil is flowing out to the sea. The Bureau insisted that they had taken great care in keeping the earth and sand in a temporary storage space in the pier’s ground in compliance with the Okinawa Prefectural Red Soil Prevention Ordinance, but they proved otherwise.

Watching the trucks carrying out the earth and sand from the storage space, some citizens commented with disgust, “This never happens in a private civilian company. After all, it is tax money, and it does not hurt their pocket. That is why they can do it.”


(Motobu Shiokawa Pier)

The typhoon No.8 peeled off some concrete from the pier. The waves were so high and strong that they stripped off parts of the pier already damaged by continuous loading operation. A typhoon damaged the pier 2 years ago and put it out of use for several months, delaying the loading operation. However, this time, the damage does not affect ships docking; therefore, the loading operation will continue.


Number of dump trucks to date and percentage against the total

The estimation calculated on the basis of the number of ruckloads serves only as a reference.

Number of dump trucks which made delivery from December 2018 to the end of December 2019 114,601(1.39%)

22(Sat) 24(Mon) 25(Tue) 26(Wed) 27(Thr) 28(Fri)
Awa 807 0 0 0 0 0
Shiokawa 0 0 0 0 0 0


Number of dump trucks
Weightt of earth/sand


Converted to volume


Volume per Total


236,834 1,184,170t 592,085㎥ 2.931%
※ Cumulative since Dec. 1, 2019
※① Calculated by assuming that the average truckload per dump truck would be 5 tons
※② Calculated by assuming that a specific weight of soil/sand set to be 2
※③ Percentage against 20.200.000m3, the total volume of earth and sand required for the landfill.

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