July 17 developments: A step closer to holding a prefectural vote / Buildings around the planned runway site that exceed the height restriction

(In front of the gate)
At 08:30, 30 residents sat in the passage (approximately 1 m wide) in front of the newly installed barricades and began protesting. Construction vehicles arrived at around 09:00, however time was required for riot police to remove the residents, and entry of the construction vehicles was delayed by nearly 1 hour from the regular time. In particular, it appears that time was required to move the newly installed plastic tanks used for traffic control.


It was announced that 33,000 signatures demanding a vote by prefectural residents to approve or reject the construction of the new Henoko base had been collected, substantially more than the 27,000 signatures that were required (2% of eligible voters).

It was discovered that there are many buildings which exceed the height restriction in violation of U.S. safety standards. The Anti Helicopter Base Council submitted a request to Nago City for a meeting to explain to local residents.