Feb. 28 (Fri): The Wires Tying the Oil Fences Damage Coral

(In front of the Gate)
The number of supporters from the mainland has increased since the Prefectural Referendum was conducted. Several tens of supporters from Kyoto and Fukuoka came and joined in the sit-in protest from the morning, and called out aloud to the dump truck drivers.
“The Referendum showed clearly the will of the people! Stop the work immediately!”
Some drivers drove by casting their eyes down. The result has clearly affected the drivers and the riot police.
Three times a day from the morning through the afternoonn, 243 truckloads in total were delivered today.


(On the sea in Oura Bay)
Rainbow, a diving team, has found out that the wires mooring the oil fences have damaged a type of coral growing on rocks. The wires go criss cross over the coral and have already shaved off the coral. Mr. Makishi Osamu who conducted a survey has reported.
“As long as the wires are there, the coral will not grow. The Defense Bureau insists that they will transplant the coral. However, the type of the coral that grows covering rocks cannot be transplanted.”
Due to high waves, the canoes could not go on the sea. Two boats went out for monitoring and confirmed that no work was done for N4 seawall but that dumping dirt and sand to the designated area was in progress.

(In front of Ryukyu Cement Pier)
Six member of Postal Union in Tokyo came to support us, and joined the people of Motobu Town to protest to the dump trucks that stopped deliveries in the morning for an unkown reason. Probably because dumping from the carrier boats into the sea in Henoko did not proceed as fast as expected and left no boats to load dirt and sand.
The trucks delivered 352 loads of dirt and sand.

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